If the web of the future is based on real-time data delivery, San Francisco startup Superfeedr hopes to be a big part of the technology that helps it get there. The company takes content feeds in a wide variety of traditional formats and transforms them into real-time feeds pushed to parties interested in consuming data in real-time.

Founder Julien Genestoux announced this week that Jyri Engeström, co-founder of Google-acquired open source Twitter competitor Jaiku and widely believed to be one of the smartest people in the social web, has joined the already impressive Superfeedr Board of Advisors. The team forming behind this startup indicates that it will likely do a lot more moving and shaking in the near-term future.

Superfeedr received financial backing in November from one of the very top investment firms in the real-time web, Betaworks, and from Mark Cuban. That alone would lead to a lot of good advice and introductions.

The company's Board of Advisors extends those credentials all the further. Engeström (right) this week joins David Recordon, working on standards at Facebook HQ and currently one of the most influential people in the world building out the web's future, and Andrew Anker, an early investor and executive and many of the web's most important companies over the past decade.

This week's addition of Engeström to the team just makes this tiny engineering-based company all the more important to keep an eye on.

Photo: Jyri Engeström by Joi Ito.