A world where we download objects off the Web the same way we currently download our data? If this futuristic notion is one day going to come true, it's thanks to 3D printing developers like FormZ, ProtoPulsion, Z Corp, Print2 3D, and Thing Labs. Our selection of the top videos mostly come from these companies.

The number one video in this collection, however, is more ideal than real. The Star Trek Replicator according to Wikipedia "...can create any inanimate matter, as long as the desired molecular structure is on file, but it cannot create antimatter, dilithium, latinum, or a living organism of any kind. In theory it seems to work similar to a universal assembler." In the real world, today's developers have countless innovations they must achieve before 3D printers can come anywhere near Star Trek's replicator. But once it does become possible, what's the first object you'd most want to download off the Web?

  1. Star Trek Voyager: Tom Paris orders Hot Plain Tomato Soup

  2. 3D Printing a human head on a Zcorp Z450 Printer

  3. 3D printing for architects

  4. 3D Printer from Thinglab in London

  5. What Can You Make With a 3D Printer?

  6. 3D printing demo -- ball bearings!

  7. Interview with cheap desktop fabricator inventor

  8. ProtoPulsion uPrint Personal 3D Printer

  9. formz 3D Printing

  10. 3D printing in 4 simple steps: Shapeways