Spotify, the red-hot European music service that's like iTunes, Pandora, MOG and more combined, released a new version last week that integrates with Facebook last week. I've been hearing about Spotify for months but hadn't actually seen it before - it's not available in the United States yet and no one knows when it will be. Even traveling to Europe, downloading the app and then coming back to the States will get your account shut down after a grace period streaming from a US IP.

Thanks to a friend though, I got a copy of Spotify a few days ago! I can report that it is simply awesome, and I'm just using the free version so far. Here's an annotated screenshot below, in case you're as curious as I was. This may be old news for some uber-hip types, but I'm guessing most readers haven't seen the interface before. I hadn't.

Here's the company's official screencast below about the latest version. Dear Spotify: please launch this in the US as soon as possible, please!