It used to be that every company out there, in trying to get visitors to stay on its website and make repeated visits, would have a forum. The traditional wisdom was that you needed to find a way to draw your users into a community to really interact with them. And so many websites, from magazines to consumer blogs to corporate sites, had separate "forum" pages that were virtual ghost towns.

Nowadays, the conventional wisdom is that your site needs to be integrated with the latest in social media, third-party logins and the such. Well, forum-provider Lefora has brought together the best of both worlds with Talki, its embeddable forum.

Talki is a seriously simple addition to any website: cut and paste a single line of code and suddenly the site has a fully functional forum embedded right in the page. That same line of code across multiple pages means the forum appears whereever the embed code appears, so users don't have to navigate to a completely separate part of the website.

Not only that, but the forum can be completely independent of the page, meaning you can use one forum across multiple pages and even multiple websites. But that isn't to say it has to be that way, as you can also have multiple forums. As with most things these days, Talki makes it simple for users to use, by allowing them to log in using Facebook, Twitter, OpenID, Google and Yahoo, meaning there's none of that hassle of registering and then waiting for a randomly generated password to show up in your email.

We created the forum below in a matter of minutes. isn't kidding when it says it's as simple as cutting and pasting a single line of code. And for those of you still familiar with forums, it has the standard features you would expect - thread subscription, sticky posts, closed posts and multiple categories.

To try out the embeddable forum, take a look below and give it a shot.

get your own embeddable forum with Talki