Flash mobs are "spontaneous" gatherings that are organized by emails and text messages. Everyone from celebrities to schools have created them. To keep it real, our Top 10 YouTube list is based only on non-commercial events.

From a giant flash mob shootout in a shopping center in Poland, to a ninja mob at U.C. Berkeley, to a light saber mob in Bristol, these events are a global phenomenon. In Australia and New York City - even a record 3,000 people all freezing in place in Paris - these mobs demonstrate how new ideas for email- and text message-based event organizing have only just begun.

  1. Frozen Grand Central

  2. 21,348,947 views

  3. The Great Trafalgar Square Freeze

  4. 3,311,232 views

  5. Supermarket Flashmob

  6. 1,704,450 views

  7. World biggest Freeze Flash Mob in Paris OFFICIAL VIDEO

  8. 1,157,621 views

  9. Ninja Flashmob

  10. 944,587 views

  11. Flash Mob in "Stary Browar" Pozna?, Poland 12.05.07

  12. 782,713 views

  13. Bristol Lightsaber Flashmob The Official Video

  14. 212,675 views

  15. Twittervlog: Massive flashmob silent rave in London Victoria

  16. 207,689 views

  17. Newcastle Flash Mob - Look North

  18. 192,408 views

  19. Sydney Flash Mob Freeze - Jun 24 2008 - Official Video

  20. 181,580 views

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