Our choices for the 10 best Twitter Videos focus on not just number of views, but on videos that help explain how Twitter has changed our culture. From the most popular video about why a group of teenage girls quit Twitter, to an instructional video about how to you use Twitter, to cartoons, to downright Twitterholics, the culture that is Twitter has been explained in many ways.

Another common theme in these videos is introducing non-Twitters users to the Twittosphere. David Lettermen makes great fun of the all too common question, "What is Twitter?" Twitter in HD, featuring Marina Orlova from HotForWords, covers the early days, as well as the creators of Twitter. If you'd like to know more about ReadWriteWeb follow us on Twitter @rww.

  1. Good-bye Twitter

  2. 9,557,497 views

  3. SuperNews!: Twouble with Twitters

  4. 2,154,303 views

  5. Twitter Tease

  6. 2,058,469 views

  7. Twitter in Plain English

  8. 1,705,701 views

  9. Twitter in HD

  10. 501,227 views

  11. Twitter Ruined My Life!

  12. 487,139 views

  13. Let Me Twitter Dat

  14. 477,318 views

  15. Letterman - Kevin Spacey Tweets with Dave

  16. 369,862 views

  17. The Twitter Song (Do the Twitter Dance) by Chris Thompson

  18. 364,709 views

  19. SuperNews!: Celebrity Twitter Overkill

  20. 198,692 views

Update: Apologies for identifying Miley Cyrus as a "group of teenage girls."