What is not a service these days? We start to wonder when we hear the latest incantation: "virtualization as a service." But after closer look, perhaps it makes sense, especially considering now that VMware and Salesforce.com are working on a partnership and joint product dubbed VMForce.

So, we ask you: "What does virtualization as a service really mean?

Last week, we asked: "How does the iPad affect cloud computing?"

Once again, seeing from our responses, it's virtualization that plays a key role in the way cloud computing evolves. Plus, people agree that the tablet is the next step to the embedded computer on any object.

For Salesforce.com, a partnership with VMware could mean it gets a foot inside the data center with the capability to provide its technology in a private cloud environment, leveraging its installed base.

For VMware, the potential is to take a big step into the cloud, packaging its virtual infrastructure with Zimbra and the technology suite provided by Salesforce.com.

So, what do you think?