Apparently Steve Jobs has gone and answered another customer email, this time sending shockwaves through the tech world with two words - "Sorry, no." According to a Mac rumors blog, a German user emailed Jobs asking if Apple was planning on "supporting/updating the iPhone 2G in the Future" and that was Jobs' answer.

We know it's only been a couple of years since the iPhone was originally released, but is this all that surprising?

It has been nearly two years since the iPhone 2G was available for sale, though you can still find plenty of them on Ebay, but the same can be said for other old beasts.

Should we really expect Apple to continue releasing updates for outdated hardware? As it is, the iPhone OS 4.0 isn't going to support the iPhone 3G for half of its functionality - what are we looking for with iPhone 2G support then? After all, with Apple's infamously closed platform, are we looking for much in the way of bug fixes and security holes?

Now, if only Microsoft would do the same for Internet Explorer 6, we could all move on with our lives.