Sh*tMyDadSays Moves To StatusNet Open-Source Twitter Clone

“Son, no one gives a sh*t about all the things your cell phone does. You didn’t invent it, you just bought it. Anybody can do that.”

Such is the wisdom that the Sh*t My Dad Says Twitter account has been bringing us since last August. The popular feed of quotations from creator Justin Halpern’s 74-year-old father just announced, however, that it will be moving its home base to StatusNet.

StatusNet, the open-source microblogging service that serves as the foundation for, announced the launch of the Shit My Dad Says website yesterday afternoon. The site will run on the service’s SatusNet Cloud Service, which also powers a community-driven microblog for the Mozille Foundation.

According to StatusNet CEO Evan Prodromou, the main point to move a service like SMDS to StatusNet is that the site owner can take control of advertising revenue, while still being able to send out content to other services.

“Other value includes being able to put the site under your own domain, to control the namespace, to control the look and feel, and to associate the site more strongly with other Web properties,” said Prodromou this morning in an email. “With StatusNet, a publisher like Justin Halpern can push their updates into multiple channels — Twitter, Facebook, and any PubSubHubbub-enabled service — but the data has its ‘home’ at their own site. You may notice, for example, that the latest shitmydadsays posts now say, ‘via’, with a link.”

For publishers who use the StatusNet Cloud Service, the single-user option like SMDS is a flat fee charge per month, while others are doing revenue share, Prodromou told us. At the sign-up page we also see an option for a “secure network for your company”, which our own Alex Williams detailed early last month.

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