One of the best ways to find out who to follow on Twitter is to find someone you really find interesting, look at who they follow, and go from there. Taking that same idea, Twitter app store OneForty, which we dubbed one of the top ten startups of 2009, will start offering today Twitter application "toolkits".

The toolkits are user created lists of their most used, favorite apps that either manipulate, add on, hover around or otherwise interact with Twitter in some fashion.

OneForty currently has 2623 different Twitter tools in 23 different categories - we're talking anything from third-party software client TweetDeck to picture hosting site TwitPic to online coupon finder Cheap Tweet.

The site just launched last fall and has since doubled the number of applications listed. And already, the website offers a Yelp-like atmosphere for users to find the apps they need, offering peer reviews and lists of user favorites. This latest feature will take it one step further.

While the site already does something to point out the top apps in their categories, sometimes there's nothing better than learning from those you admire - and thus, OneForty's Twitter Toolkits. Today's launch features tool kits by startup guru Guy Kawasaki, Drew Olanoff, the social media consultant whose cancer we can blame for everything, Steve Rubel, one of the leading public relations bloggers on the Web, and Beth Kanter, the leading nonprofit technology consultant in the country, and more.

The feature seems like a simple, if not obvious step for the Twitter app store to take, but it falls in line with what we've seen of Twitter already. Our own Marshall Kirkpatrick, for example, wrote last February how he subscribes to an RSS feed of certain people he follows to find out who else he should be following. In the Twittersphere, it really is all about who you know, and not what you know, and we imagine this would hold true when sifting through nearly 3,000 Twitter-based applications.

OneForty sent us the following list of featured toolkits available on the site today:

Toolkits to be Spotlighted at launch include:

* Twitter Indispensable Tools by Guy Kawasaki (@guykawasaki)
* Essential PR Tools by Edelman's Steve Rubel (@Steverubel)
* Cancer Killing Chemo Toolkit by Drew Olanoff (@thatdrew)
* Brand New to Twitter? by Twitter for Dummies (@dummies)
* Starter Apps for Nonprofits on Twitter by Beth Kanter (@kanter)
* Must-Haves for Startups by Greenhorn Connect (@greenhornconnect)