Chris Pirillo Debuts E-Book: 140 Twitter Tips

One of our favorite geeks has just released an e-book on best practices for Twitter use.

Chris Pirillo‘s 140 Twitter Tips, a 14-page PDF, is a concise compendium of useful guidelines and helpful hints for every kind of Twitter user, from doing-it-wrong noobs to social media addicts. From the best time of day to get retweets to how to process public criticism, the e-book also covers a broad range of common issues users experience.

Some of the tips might seem like common sense – until you realize you might not be adhering very well to them, yourself. Most of us are occasionally guilty of using too much jargon and oversharing (or undersharing, in the case of some more professionally oriented accounts).

The e-book costs only $1.40, or you can hold out for the $14 deluxe version, which will contain more than 140 adorable illustrations from Kristin Marshall.

Click here to purchase 140 Twitter Tips from GnomeTomes, the new publishing arm of Pirillo’s social media empire/blog network Lockergnome. Other GnomeTomes include guides for YouTube and Windows 7.

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