A ReadWriteWeb Guide

South by Southwest Interactive is a favorite conference for many a geeky programmer, and its no wonder why. The talent, learning opportunities and free booze run deep and wide at this show.

We've compiled a list of ten must-see, must-do panels, parties and events - and don't worry, we won't be sending you to three identical core conversations on JavaScript.

From Google's Hackathon to Facebook's Developer Garage and beyond, you'll get to learn from (and drink with) some of the greatest minds behind the greatest companies of the Web.

This is part of a series of ReadWriteWeb guides to SXSW Interactive 2010. If this guide isn't your cup of tea, be sure to check back for more information soon!

Revenge Of Kick-Ass Mash-Ups with Punk Rock APIs

"Last time we wrote an API layer for a dozen different sites and services, using nothing but free online tools and client-side JavaScript. This time we'll crack into client-side OAuth. This time actual working code WILL BE WRITTEN BY YOU. This time ... it's personal." With Kent Brewster of Netflix.

Coding for Pleasure: Developing Killer Spare-Time Apps

"Every startup origin story is about a couple of developers who abscond to a garage and end up building the Next Big Thing. But money and fame don't need to be your end goal. You can significantly improve your life--and impact others' lives--by coding for pleasure in your spare time." With Gina Trapani, Adam Pash of Lifehacker and Matt Haughey of MetaFilter.

Mozilla SXSW Happy Hour

"Join us for happy hour drinks and appetizers at Cedar Door and learn what we are working on at Mozilla. Party is limited to the first 250 guests who arrive - please RSVP on Facebook: http://bit.ly/mozsxswparty!"

Web Framework Battle Royale

"Which web framework will rule them all? As an audience member you pick the winner! We will present an introduction to a variety of web frameworks including Rails, Django, Catalyst, and Sinatra. You can vote for the best web framework in categories such as URL handling, database integration, forms, HTML templating, documentation, testing and deployment." With Yehuda Katz of Engine Yard, Leah Culver of Six Apart, Elizabeth Leddy of Janus Health, Blake Mizerany of Heroku, Avi Bryant of Dabble DB and Dustin Whittle of Yahoo.

The Hive Awards

"The Hive Awards honor the Unsung Heroes of the Internet. The people who do the heavy lifting but rarely get any credit. Drinks, hors d'oeuvres, free admission." Sponsored by KickApps.

Facebook Developer Garage Austin - SXSW Edition

"Join the Facebook team and local developers for a deep dive into the latest and most exciting ways developers are building with Facebook technologies. Come to learn, stay to make friends! http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=331218348435"

Beyond LAMP: Scaling Websites Past MySQL

"Most startups begin with a basic LAMP stack (on PHP or Python) and then add database replication and memcache as they grow. But then what? There's a big gap between these out-of-the-box solutions and what it takes to run something bigger." With Serkan Piantino of Facebook, Alan Schaaf of Imgur, Kevin Weil of Twitter, Christopher Slowe of Reddit and Jason Kincaid of TechCrunch.

Objective C Crash Course for Web Developers

"Build your first iPhone app in 60 minutes flat. Along the way, you'll tour Apple's developer tools and learn the basics of the Cocoa Touch framework. Discover how to use your PHP and JavaScript experience for an informed approach to coding iPhone apps. Apply familiar JavaScript design patterns, for example, to handle interface programming in Objective-C." With Joris Verbogt of Mangrove.

If Objective-C isn't your bag, why not try Hold the Cocoa: Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and learn how to build iPhone apps "without ever touching Objective-C."

Wow, That's Cool... Fun With HTML5 Video

"Using the video tag in HTML5, developers can do all sorts of things that are hard or impossible with plugins. In this presentation, Mozilla will show the best and most interesting hacks entered into OVA's Open Video Contest - because when the webmonkeys unleash their creativity, things get interesting." With Michael Dale of Kaltura Wikimedia and Christopher Blizzard of Mozilla.

Google Hackathon

"The Google Hackathon hosted by Google will provide a hands-on workshop throughout the day where attendees will be able to build apps using a variety of Google technologies including App Engine, HTML5, Android, Chrome, and Maps/Geo technologies. Although the hackathon will run all day long (from 9:30-7:00pm), we'll be providing short 20 minute "deep dive" presentations on specific topics covered in the hands-on exercises. This panel is sponsored by Google."

Those are our SXSW Interaction recommendations for hackers of all stripes. If you've got suggestions or feedback, let us know in the comments! See you in Austin, folks!