A ReadWriteWeb Guide

For all of our startup friends from coast to coast and around the world, we look forward to seeing you at SXSW Interactive!

More and more, we're seeing good folks creating great products outside the SF Bay Area, and we love highlighting and showcasing vibrant startup communities in unexpected areas. As it turns out, we're not the only ones who have a penchant for non-Valley startups! While you're in Austin, check out these ten panels, parties and events focusing on entrepreneurialism outside Silicon Valley.

This is part of a series of ReadWriteWeb guides to SXSW Interactive 2010. If this guide isn't your cup of tea, be sure to check back for more information soon!

"It is difficult to establish a startup no matter where you are in the world, but there are great companies and events that began life outside of Silicon Valley. Threadless, 37Signals, FeedBurner, BIG Omaha conference, and SXSW itself are proof that technology life exists away from the coasts. These less-than-obvious locales are becoming hotbeds of innovation and attracting talent and capital." With Michael Samson and Ross Kimbarovsky of CrowdSPRING.

How Geeks Grabbed Philadelphia by the Balls

"Ready to skip town because you think it's played out? Techies aren't techie enough? Creatives aren't creative enough? We'll talk about how Philadelphia turned around in just 2 years by embracing its strengths and local flavor, helping to build new leaders, and inspiring an intense city pride. It's not as tough as you think: blending socialization with education, this new generation of Philadelphians share their recipes for you to take back and make your city the next big thing." With Alex Hillman of IndyHall and Geoff DiMasi of P'unk Avenue.

The Silicon Prairie Party

"Join the speakers, organizers and attendees of Big Omaha to party with the up-and-coming entrepreneurs and innovators based on the Silicon Prairie. There are big things happening on the Prairie and here's the opportunity to connect with those making an impact!" Hosted by Big Omaha.

Crowdfunding: How The SAfrican Community Financed Online Businesses

"The story of how otherwise unconncted South African citizens pooled together their money and resources, and thus helped seed over a dozen online businesses in South Africa - when no other realistic options of finance existed. The presentation will cover lessons learned, and tips for replicating the model in other regions." With Eve Dmochowska of Idea Bank, Brett Haggard of Hypertext Media, Gareth Knight of Technovated, Heather Ford of GeekRetreat and Justin Spratt of Internet Solutions.

Don't Move! Build a Startup Community Where You Live

"As eyes are focused on places well-known for startups and innovation, hear three up-and-coming cities discuss how they're building and fostering their entrepreneurial communities. From Portland, Boulder, Omaha, and beyond, exciting things are happening in places you don't expect." With Erin Kotecki Vest of the Queen of Spain blog and BlogHer, Jeremy Tanner, Rick Turoczy of Silicon Florist and Jeff Slobotski of Silicon Prairie News.

Time Travelers: Why Australians are Virtual World Innovators

"Australia has suffered the 'tyranny of distance' since colonization. Now, for the first time, those barriers are dissolving as the land downunder shifts timezones to be in a virtual playing field. When you login as a virtual avatar there are no international calling codes, no day or night and only the funny accent remains distinctive. Hear how panelists Keren Flavell, Bruce Joy and Santosh Kulkarni spend their time meeting with colleagues and prospective clients in the USA and Europe by teleporting to meetings in seconds, right from their desks in Melbourne, Australia. This discussion will demonstrate how the world is becoming flatter by the day through technology creating a single place for interaction and enterprise." With Santosh Kulkarni of NICTA, Phil Tripp of IMMEDIA, Keren Flavell of Treet TV and Bruce Joy of VastPark.

Tech Scene Smackdown: LA vs. SF vs. NYC vs. Boston vs. Austin

"Presently the online social media space consists of hyper-localized
bifurcated tech communities: what is problematic is that many of the more successful cool kids are guilty of being at every single party and using the scene as a way to fameball, i.e. gaming it to advance their own popularity instead using it as a platform to advance ideas and exert influence. With great power comes great responsibility - and in line with your vision this panel would bring together figureheads/influencers from each of the 5 nationally prominent tech communities as well as bring up possible conflicts and misconceptions relating to each; that L.A. is full of "un-employeds, that New Yorkers are shills for traditional media, that people from S.F. are just Spocks with no social skills or perspective. Rather than just pit influencers against each other, our moderation would highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each and hopefully faciliate a forum for dialogue and cooperation between all members of what is positioned to be global phenomenon in the way people mobilize online and off." With Erin Broadley and Alexia Tsotsis of Village Voice Media.

How Austin Got Socially Experienced

"While known as the live music capital of the world, Austin is making serious inroads as the most social media savvy city. With major tech companies as city residents, Austin tech leaders will provide attendees social media best practices and insights during this interactive panel." With Nigel Dessau of AMD.

Innovation Overseas - The European Startup Environment

"U.S. companies often know little about the European startup environment and the opportunities to be found there. Panelists will share both the highs and lows of their startup lives and will answer questions regarding funding opportunities, cultural idiosyncrasies, legislation and differences between Europe and America." With Marten Mickos of Benchmark Capital, Peter Robinett of Bubble Foundry, Felix Petersen of Plazes and Reshma Sohoni of Seedcamp.

Coconut Valley - Building a Tech Community on the Beach

"Starting from a mere handful of people and growing into the thousands, come learn how we grew our tech community out of the sand in South Florida. Learn tips and tricks for growing your own tech community even in the most unfriendly/untechy areas of the world." With Brian Breslin of infinimedia and Davide Di Cillo of Thirtynine.

Those are our SXSW Interaction recommendations for non-Valley startups of all stripes. If you've got suggestions or feedback, let us know in the comments! See you in Austin, folks!