Our good friend Steve Garfield is a terrific fellow and also happens to be one of the Web's first video bloggers. As part of a series called The New Rules of Social Media, he's just published a book that lays out a complete roadmap for online video success.

Essentially, Get Seen is a comprehensive field guide for how to produce, upload, distribute and publicize online video content.

For businesses using the social Web to grow, it's particularly useful, as it contains a series of plans and tools for recording and editing video and building a community around that content.

The book is detailed without being overly technical, perfect for total noobs as well as for more seasoned folks who simply need to improve their quality and/or visibility. It will guide the reader through every aspect of production, from interview techniques to camera selection.

It also contains a wealth of information on and interviews with some of the most talented and successful names and faces that make up this ecosystem, from Justine Ezarik to Chris Pirillo. Steve also gets into the many tech companies that make up the world of online video, from scrappy startups like Robo.to to the industry's Goliath, YouTube.

Of course, there's a video overview of the book here:

Basically, it's required reading for anyone who wants to use online video for any purposes other than the most casual social interactions. If you're producing content and looking for eyeballs, particularly if you're using social media for business purposes, Get Seen is a must-read.