Last September, Google launched Sidewiki, a Web annotation service that makes it easy to annotate any page on the Internet. Sidewiki, however, hasn't attracted a lot of users yet and the public discussion about online content continues to happen in comments and on Twitter.

While it's easy to browse comments, finding Twitter mentions of a specific article can be hard. With the Twitter Reactions Chrome extension, however, you can see quickly see what Twitter is saying about a given page without every having to leave the site.

Sadly, Twitter Reactions doesn't apply any filters to the tweets it displays, so you often end up with long lists of retweeted links. Twitter Reactions uses the BackTweets API to aggregate messages. The extension would be even more useful if it used a service like BackType, which does a good job at filtering out the most boring tweets.

Unlike similar projects like Arc90's TBuzz bookmarklet, the extension doesn't connect to your own Twitter account, so you can't tweet and retweet from within the extension.

While it doesn't offer any advanced features, Twitter Reactions is a quick and easy way to see what the twittersphere is saying about any site. If you are not using Chrome, also give TBuzz a try.

[via Lifehacker]