The good folks at UK open government consultancy Delib have just released a short documentary about the United States' first year since President Obama's Open Government memorandum.

The documentary was shot by Delib founder Chris Quigley over two months last year, both on location in Washington DC and via Skype.

"On a visit to Washington to see our partners NAPA back in November," writes Quigley on the Delib blog, "I thought it would be fun to interview a few of the Open Gov people I'd read about and worked with over the last 12 months... I discovered that Open Gov was bigger and more impactful that I first thought and decided to extend the 'few interviews' into a short film, and launch the film to mark the achievements of the Open Gov initiative on its one year anniversary."

Quigley's interviewees ended up ranging from the White House's head of the Open Gov initiative, Beth Noveck, to Tim O'Reilly, founder of O'Reilly Media.

To learn more about the interviews and process, check out Delib's page on the film.

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