It’s an SMS Party Line! textPlus Comes to Android Market

Another popular service has made its way from the Apple App Store to the Android Market.

GOGII’s textPlus allows for unlimited and multiplayer chat and SMS features. TextPlus allows for ad-supported free and unlimited messaging for Android users. Users can hold instant group text conversations with friends on almost all U.S. carriers, even without a text messaging plan.

From casual SMS texters to folks who use text messaging as their preferred medium – and even distributed work groups – textPlus provides an excellent solution for a wide range of user types. It allows both old-school, one-on-one texting as well as what the company calls “next-generation texting – rich, engaging environments and instant group text conversations.”

textPlus’ reply-all feature functions like the homonymous email function, making SMS texting into a chat environment for users to carry on party line-esque conversations, make plans with several other users at once, or make text-based intros.

Here’s a quick demo of how textPlus’ group text features work on Apple devices (and now for Android devices, too):

Android users can choose to make textPlus their preferred SMS client for U.S. and international SMS messaging. Users can also text with the app even when the text recipient isn’t a textPlus user.

As of today, the textPlus iPhone and iPod Touch app has been downloaded around 3.5 million times. The app’s parent company, GOGII, moreover just announced an $8.2 million Series B round last month. The company’s currently looking for beta testers for a BlackBerry version of the service, too.

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