Nobody puts it in a square box, at least.

Boxee, the software that brings Internet media to your television, has been seen in the flesh at CES today.

We first heard about the Boxee Box in November, but the announcement was light on details. This time around, D-Link offered a list of specifications and media-format compatibilities at the oddly-shaped device's unveiling.

According to D-Link's press release, the device will retail for under $200 and will come embedded with support for a number of web sites, including Netflix, Facebook, Pandora, Twitter and Flickr.

As for media formats, the Boxee Box will handle a majority of file formats, including DiVX, MPEG1 through 4, VOB, Flash, and most standard video and image types. Most notably missing from the mix are GIFs and QuickTime files.

The device comes prepared to handle RSS and XML feeds in order to keep its users up to date.