Get your mind out of the gutter. This isn't about distributing your crude weekend photography, it's about being able to upload content outside the parameters of basic community categories. While we all know that YouTube is for video, Flickr is for photography and LinkedIn is for career-related content, it's hard to tell where we should be sharing our important but uncategorizable content. Nincha is a stealthy little community that just may infiltrate the community sharing space.

Like many other social sites, Nincha lets you upload photos, create polls, share bookmarks and review products. However, some additional types of content include job and classified listings, code snippets, recipes, events and business cards. Rather than offering a basic light blogging tool, users are encouraged to comment on each others' submissions and favorite the community's best content. From here you can follow others and share your uploads via email, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Digg and text message. While it's too early to say which types of content will dictate the tone of this community, its obvious there are advantages to this type of social sharing.

Rather then just adding your code to GitHub or your own website, you can share snippets of code to your favorite social profiles with a better chance of recruiting new programmers and contributors. Additionally, the text message feature means that you can avoid sometimes finicky services like the Bump iPhone app and send your business card directly to an iPhone users' contact book. And finally, if you know your pecan pie recipe is going to be a Thanksgiving hit, you might as well tweet it out now and save yourself the trouble of forwarding it to others. Nincha is offering us the chance to share the content and links we need without confining us to specific file formats. The first 1000 lucky ReadWriteWeb readers can try the service at