Google's Chrome, the fastest major browser on the internet, appears set to launch an official gallery of browser extensions in the very near future. In the latest nightly build of the app an extension logo and a link to a gallery page appear when you open a new tab. Right now that link redirects to, but we assume the gallery's launch must be right around the corner.

Chrome is deliciously fast compared to other browsers, but the very limited extension support and ecosystem are hard for Firefox-lovers to swallow. Firefox advocates always question Chrome converts about just how fast Chrome will be when it gets weighed down with extensions. It looks like we're about to find out.

Lee Mathews at Download Squad appears to have noticed this change first tonight among tech blogs. I've been struggling all night with an obnoxious Chrome extension that makes my page scroll much faster than is useful. Lee says extension support is expected in early December, but it's hard to imagine a dead link sitting on a Google product like this for too long.

We wrote about some of the first unofficial extensions to hit Chrome this Spring and then some code upgrades intended to shore up extension support this Fall. An unofficial directory of Chrome extensions can be found at Install them with caution, it's not yet as simple as managing Firefox extensions is.

What's your #1 request for a Chrome extension? I want Firefox Drag and Drop Zones or the GCal pop-up plug-in for Chrome. Greasemonkey would be nice too, though user scripts can be added manually to Chrome already.

And I want it to sing with speed, just like Chrome does today!