We're very pleased to announce the launch of ReadWriteWeb's fourth country channel: ReadWriteWeb Spain. It joins our existing three country channels: France, China and Brazil (which launched last month).

Our Spain channel is edited by Ignacio García Ramos. Ignacio and his team will combine translation of ReadWriteWeb posts with original posts about Spain's Web market. Like the mothership ReadWriteWeb, the Spain channel will focus on Web trends and products.

We're grateful to our partners IntegralCom, a Spanish web agency and consultancy firm based in Madrid. CEO Miguel Galera and Corporate Development Officer Eduardo Vilar have been instrumental in organizing ReadWriteWeb Spain.

Ignacio gave us the following background about Spain:

"We happen to be a country with very few English speakers (by European standards), so we feel that bringing home a valuable piece of Sillicon Valley and making it accessible to our entrepreneurs, startups and hobbyists is a way of contributing to pushing this country forward in technology. We would like to gather a community of decision takers and influential professionals around ReadWriteWeb Spain and make things happen.

Our economy has largely been based on construction and the economic turmoil has hit us hard. There is talk of "changing bricks for computers". We want to be at the cutting edge of this movement and we found no better vehicle than ReadWriteWeb.

We also share a lot of ReadWriteWeb's interests, like the semantic and the real-time web; and values such as analytical, uncompromisable journalism. It's great to stay current on those issues, thanks to your updates [at ReadWriteWeb.com] and best practices, but we'll also broadcast news and trends from this side of the Atlantic."

You can also follow ReadWriteWeb Spain on Twitter @rwwes - and all of our country sites at the Twitter list rww/international.

The opening post, translated in English here, was written by Jaime Garcia Cantero and is an in-depth look at Internet trends in Spain. Jaime Garcia Cantero is an associate of IDC Spain and assistant professor of IDG Communications of the EOI. He is considered to be one of Spain's most influential analysts.