YouTube is throwing a bone to content creators who have questions about how to do online video right.

The mega-video site is partnering with Videomaker magazine to offer free webinars on topics of interest to the would-be iJustines and Ask A Ninjas of the world. Topics will cover how to shop for a video camera, microphone techniques, lighting and all the basics of shooting palatable online video content.

We've found out the hard way that shooting video for the Internet can yield mixed results, and the smallest mistakes while the camera is rolling can lead to huge failures once the video is live online.

Because different content creators struggle with different elements of online video, YouTube is asking users to vote on which topics the first webinar should cover. Options include shopping for a camcorder, button basics, lighting and filtering, microphone techniques, the art of composition and handheld camera techniques. Users can also submit their own ideas and discuss common issues.

The first webinar is scheduled to take place October 27, 2009, at 2 pm Pacific Time/5 pm Eastern Time. The webinar will last for one hour, and interested parties can register here.

As we already know, one of the best ways to avoid the brutality that is YouTube comments (which were recently voted the worst thing on the Internet, we will have you know) is to shoot high-quality video content. Even with inexpensive equipment and no formal filmic education, many YouTube heroes have learned to generate stellar videos. All it takes is practice and a few hints from folks who know. Props to YouTube for giving its users a little nudge in the right direction.

And if you can't make time for the webinar, just watch this very serious and detailed tutorial on video blogging from Justine Ezarik: