HealthyWage: Get Paid to Jog and Other Exercise Motivators

Employee wellness programs just got wired. HealthyWage launched its early beta release today. Users track their protein, fat, carb and sodium consumption via the HealthyWage social networking site and gain an interesting incentive to improve their health – money. A corporation sponsors users to meet health-related goals in the hopes of either improving the health of its employees or simply forging a relationship with health-conscious consumers. The company’s first challenge is a body mass index (BMI) challenge. Users with a BMI of 30 or higher are asked to cut down to a BMI of 24.9 by October 2010.

HealthyWage users are given a chance to commit $200 of their own money towards their goals in order to receive up to $1000 upon completion of the BMI challenge. Those who choose not to commit their money, receive $250 for a successful reduction of their BMI.

Judging by the rising trend in personal health-related applications, developers are quick to build apps for exercise and diet. Below are 4 different approaches to health-related apps:

DailyBurn:This service allows users to track their weight, goal weight and the calories they’ve eaten based on a number of different foods in the DailyBurn database. One of the great features of the DailyBurn iPhone App is that it includes nutritional facts for major restaurant chains, food manufacturers and the entire USDA database.

Map My Fitness: This service offers users the chance to map their running, walking, hiking, triatholon and cycling training routes and share them with friends. The company just announced a partnership with the New York Road Runners for the ING New York City Marathon. Runners who register at this site can run a distance equal to the New York Marathon, upload their results via the iMapMyRun iPhone App and compare results to active participants.

FitBit: Launched at TC50, users wear a small device fashioned with an accelerometer and motion sensor. The tracker measures calories burned, steps taken, distance travelled and quality of sleep. From here the device uploads all of this information to the web. Users can also manually input information about their diets and about activities like biking and swimming.

Lose It! iPhone App: This application allows users to set a daily calorie budget and stick to it. The service tracks each day’s calorie intake and subtracts calorie points whenever you exercise. The fact that the service lists how many calories you can still afford to eat at all times means you are constantly working off the foods that you simply can’t live without.

Photo Credit:Mike Baird

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