In a bit of "gotcha" journalism, interviewers Arnt Eriksen and Thomas Moen got Digg founder Kevin Rose to confirm that his company is developing an application for the iPhone.

When Eriksen referred to having seen a sneak preview of the application, Rose was visibly surprised. "I cannot show that off yet. You're not even supposed to know about that... Nobody knows about that." A video of the interview is embedded below.

The duo's full interview with Rose will be available shortly via their weekly tech video podcast.

How did the interviewers end up catching a glimpse of the application? Eriksen wrote us today in an email, "We were sitting next to each other, and he had his iPhone in hand. I was turning to him to ask him a question when I saw him playing around with the app."

It goes without saying that a Digg application would take a lot of pain out of social bookmarking for a large number of smartphone users. Currently, startups such as Smub have offered work-arounds for simpler saving and sharing of links on mobile devices.

The Digg iPhone app represents the company's first major mobile offering since a revamping of the Digg mobile site in July 2008. We can reasonably assume that Digg apps for other types of mobile devices will be released in the months to come, as well.

We at ReadWriteWeb are definitely looking forward to playing around with Digg's new toy when it's released. What do our readers think, and what kinds of features do you hope to see when the Digg app hits the App Store?