Social Radar Tracks Domino’s After Gross-Out Video

Like Santa Claus, Infegy’s Social Radar knows when you’ve been bad or good. The enterprise solution collects millions of articles and conversations from traditional media, social networks and blogs and captures them in a brand snapshot. The tool has been crawling millions of pages since January 2007 and can compile a dossier-style picture of your company’s successes and flaws. In a recent interview, Infegy President Adam Coomes showed ReadWriteWeb the power of his product through an animated look at the Domino’s Pizza disaster.

In mid April, two Domino’s Pizza workers in North Carolina uploaded a YouTube video of their less-than-sanitary kitchen antics. While the employees were both fired and the franchise was closed for sanitation, the brand’s social stock still took a nose dive in both traditional and social media circles. With Social Radar, you can clearly see the tag cloud of frequently used words alongside the brand, the percentage of negative and positive comments and the exact moment on April 15th when the tide began to turn. Similar to ContextVoice’s API tools, Social Radar can be used to measure the success of product launches, political campaigns and even inform trading decisions.

As an additional service to customers, Infegy rates a number of Fortune 500 companies and top brands across the web. Social Radar allows Infegy to track unique brand references, common words and sentiments. A list of the most-mentioned 50 social brands on the web is available on Infegy’s Buzz Study blog. The list includes Twitter, Apple, Facebook, YouTube, Obama, MySpace, Microsoft, Yahoo, Disney and Fox.

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