Don your togas and break out your favorite beer koozie, Microsoft is set to crowdsource a series of global soirees in conjunction with the public launch of Windows 7. According to TechFlash, the company hopes that employees, partners and advocates will help spread the praises of the new operating system. Party hosts will receive a free copy of Windows 7 and are eligible to win a PC.

While the events seem similar to Tupperware parties or Mary Kay house calls, hosts are not expected to sell versions of the operating system. They are however expected to share news from their events. During the week of the party, hosts and attendees will upload blog posts, photos and videos to the Microsoft house party community. The launch will kick off between October 22-29 in Australia, Italy, Japan, Canada, Mexico, France, Spain, Germany, Hong Kong, India, the UK and the US. Party hosts are given the option to choose from one of four themes and from there, they'll receive a party planning kit.

While the in-home kick-off concept is an interesting launch tactic, we have difficulty believing that the people in the campaign's imagery are actually huddled around the computer enthralled by the Windows 7 experience. Are you sure this isn't a YouTube party? Balloons, shrimp cocktail AND models? If it's going to be this kind of a party, let's just hope no one does any keg stands over your keyboard. To register as a party host visit the house party page.