Los Angeles, California based PicBrk dropped us a note today to let us know that it just launched its new Website devoted to breaking news pictures and real-time image searches. The company had planned to launch on July 1st but given the recent events in Tehran, it has decided to launch early. In a recent RWW post, Marshall Kirkpatrick notes, "real-time information delivery is fast emerging as one of the most important elements of our online experience" and it seems as though companies are competing to get their real-time services online as soon as possible.

While most people visiting the site right now will be interested in the unfolding events in Iran following an alleged fraudulent presidential election there, you can search virtually any subject you choose. There is a dedicated "breaking news" search right below the search bar, as well as other more "nifty" searches for things like "WTF", "funny", "Vegas", "OMG", "love", "Obama", "beach", etc. But beware, if you are more of the adventurous sort then try to search for something like "boobs" but remember this; you can't unsee what might appear before you and that could be quite disturbing. Better just stick to current international events and tech stuff, people. Trust me.

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