Don't you hate it when someone attractive asks you for an imaginary light, and your iPhone Zippo crashes? ZenDesk is offering a new embeddable drop box solution to give iPhone and Android developers customer support directly in their apps. With the current influx of application development, and the need to serve international mobile audiences, subscription-based service ZenDesk is providing another pipeline for company support. And the demand it certainly there as support sites like JustAnswer and FixYa move increasingly into servicing users in the mobile space.

ZenDesk is best known as a web-based SaaS help desk provider. The company has had its own web-based Dropbox since January, and this new mobile offering alleviates the need for application developers to create their own forms. That being said, can we really expect mobile app audiences to walk a company through its bugs? Especially when the products retail for $3 dollars or less?

While there are certainly some major names like Smule and Tapulous, the vast majority of developers are recognized only by their products. The drop box is an attempt to ease the complaint process and circumvent users having to find a support email. However, buggy applications are not likely to maintain their audience for long as most apps have decent competitors waiting in the wings. In other words, while ZenDesk is a great solution, you certainly can't rely on your post-purchase support services to pull you through. Some of ZenDesk's notable clients include Twitter, Scribd and MSNBC. To check out the service, sign up for a free trial.