Hey there, sports fans.

We at ReadWriteWeb have had an awesome time gathering video content lately. We love it so much that we plan to do it a lot more. One of the discussions in the back channels has been about where to post our video content, and after considering a whole boatload of factors and testing several services, we've started posting content on our brand-new Vimeo account.

The new page will be the home for content from anyone and everyone on the ReadWriteWeb team, and our social media channel and RWW group pages will aggregate videos we find interesting, amusing, or relevant.

In the past, team members have used YouTube, Viddler, Blip, and a handful of other video services. We loved YouTube's HD, large-file capabilities, but we hated the media player and the YouTube watermark that ended up all over our lovely content. We adored Blip's customizable player, but our longer, in-depth interview videos were a bit too large for that format.

Our Vimeo Plus account will allow us to upload a healthy-to-ridiculous amount of HD video each week, and the speed of uploading and processing for Plus accounts is mind-reelingly fast. We'll also get to make widgets from our content. And we definitely love the very social component of groups and channels. We couldn't be more excited, and we hope to have a long and productive experience with Vimeo.

As a side note, this post isn't meant as an endorsement of Vimeo; different products work better for different purposes, as noted by many Twitter followers last week.

Another factor behind our decision was the surprisingly enthusiastic user response to Vimeo when we conducted an informal Twitter poll. Since you guys like the Vimeo platform and community so much, we hope you'll add us and check out our social media channel and our RWW group. We've added a few videos to the channel and group so far; if you have a video you'd like us to add to our curated content, just email us.

And as always, suggestions on how we can improve our video coverage are welcomed; just leave your erudite ponderings in the comments.