Healthline Launches Treatment Search Tool

Healthline, a leading provider of intelligent health information services, today announced two additions to its stable of medical search tools: TreatmentSearch, the first treatment search application for the web, and DocSearch, a recommendation tool for recommending specialists based semantic parsing of symptom or health condition information. Other Healthline tools include SymptomSearch and DrugSearch. The integrated suite of Healthline Clinical Applications is now available on


There are a plethora of medical sites that help you figure out based on symptom what sort of ailment you might be suffering from. Put in your symptoms, browse the results, make a guess. In fact, Healthline has such a search engine as well: SymptomSearch. But how do you get more information if you already know what’s causing the symptoms? What if your doctor is suggestion a course of treatment and you want a second opinion? This is where the new search tool TreatmentSearch is handy. Using sematic search technology, TreatmentSearch takes your diagnosis and finds resources such as treatment costs and specialists. According to West Shell III, Chairman and CEO of Healthline Networks:

“When you are diagnosed with a health condition, you want to know your options, find a treatment and a specialist that are right for you, and understand the associated cost implications. Healthline semantic search technology enables us to get inside not just the consumer’s health inquiry, but also all the relevant associations.”


Also announced today is DocSearch, a comprehensive searchable database of 1.3 million doctors nationwide that can quickly supply useful results starting with a zip code and symptom, or alternatively just by specialty. Searches can be refined by distance, name, hospital affiliation, experience, and even spoken languages. Up to twenty doctors can be compared side-by-side to find the just the right specialist.

Healthline is taking advantage of new technologies such as recent advances in semantic search in order to improve the experience visitors have when using the site to help them with every stage of medical care, from diagnosis, finding a doctor, costs of treatment and pharmaceutical advice. Of course, Healthline is also a business, and to that end it has partnered with quite a few other networks and portal sites to provide search, content and advertising as well.

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