Twitter Experiments with New Status Notification, Faster Response

It appears Twitter is experimenting with some additional tweaks that may make status updates easier and faster for its users and could help decrease the back end load on its servers.

A semi transparent notification bar (see screenshot below), slides down from the top of the screen when you update your status via the Web. While in itself, the feature may not appear earth shattering, the fact that updating now feels extremely fluid and is almost instantaneous makes us wonder whether Twitter will begin caching tweets for delivery to its servers.

In the past, when you hit the update button, it would take several seconds for Twitter to ‘confirm’ that the tweet has been created before updating your page. With the notification bar, the process is immediate and will definitely be seen as a plus by users.

Is it possible that Twitter is employing some mechanism between the browser and the back end? For instance batching tweets (or any request) before they hit the server, to decrease load?

Twitter hasn’t made a formal announcement yet, and clearly they’re still testing the new bar as it is not yet available to all users. But if you are one of the fortunate few, as always, we’d love your opinion.

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