MI5: Desperately Seeking Q

Britain’s domestic intelligence agency, more commonly known as MI5, is looking to appoint a chief scientific adviser “to lead and co-ordinate the scientific work of the Security Service so that the service continues to be supported by excellent science and technology advice.”

Think the scientific genius behind Q, the fictional gadgetmeister that keeps James Bond ahead of the bad guys, combined with the technological expertise our own recently named CTO Aneesh Chopra has, and you might just see the perfect applicant.

According to the Government’s chief scientific adviser, Professor John Beddington, the new MI5 advisor will have to keep on top of the latest trends in science and technology to protect Britain against threats to national security.

“It will involve a sort of future-gazing to see where technology will be taking us in a year or so,” Prof Beddington said.

Beddington adds that the successful applicant will not need to develop a weapons system for the latest Aston Martin.

Candidates will need to have “world-class scientific expertise and credibility in relevant scientific and technology disciplines.” If you want to apply, you’ve got until April 24.

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