Netflix, the popular online DVD rental service, just announced a number of new features that will allow users to personalize their Netflix homepage to a greater extent than currently possible. Netflix users can now also create their own genres by  mixing and matching different categories, and a number of new taste preference settings will allow users to fine-tune Netflix's personalized movie recommendations.

Earlier this week, Netflix also announced that its users can now syndicate their Netflix ratings to their Facebook profiles.

New Features: Taste Preferences, Personalized Homepages, Mix and Match Genres

Movie recommendations on Netflix, which are currently mostly based on your movie ratings, are one of the service's best features, and judging from what we have seen so far, the new taste preferences, which allow you to choose between movies that are romantic, suspenseful, or dark, for example, will make this experience only better.

The mix and match feature, too, will allow users to create a more personalized experience on the site, which is clearly the focus of today's update.

Netflix is rolling out these new updates to its over 10 million subscribers slowly, but Todd Yellin, Neflix's Director of Product Management, expects that all members will see them on their homepages within the next week.