Feedly, a magazine style feed reader that syncs with Google Reader, just released a very interesting and useful integration with Mozilla's Ubiquity. Ubiquity gives Firefox a command-line interface that makes tasks like bookmarking a page on delicious, sending a quick message to Twitter, or searching Google and Flickr as easy as typing in a few letters without ever having to use the mouse. Among many other things, feedly's Ubiquity integration now lets you share any Web page on Google Reader and send a tweet with a link through Ubiquity.

To try this integration, you will have to live on the cutting edge, though. You will first have to install the latest beta version of Ubiquity (2.0pre7) and then the latest version of feedly (1.2.32).

Besides being able to quickly send a link to Twitter, one feature we really like is feedly's integration with Open Calais, Thomson Reuter's semantic web service. Feedly's Calais command overlays semantic metadata on the current page and then links to a page on feedly with related stories from your RSS subscriptions, Delicious, YouTube, and Twitter.


Feedly's developer Edwin Khodabkchian notes that he will add more commands soon. Here are all the feedly commands that are currently availably in Ubiquity:

  • feedly-calais: Overlays semantic metadata from the Reuters Open Calais service on the current page
  • feedly-email: Allows you to email an article to a friend.
  • feedly-explore: Jump to the feedly explore page associated with the specified topic
  • feedly-mark-as-read: Marks the current page as read in both feedly and Google Reader
  • feedly-save-for-later: Save this page for later. Will also star it in Google Reader
  • feedly-share: Shares the current page in both feedly and Google Reader
  • feedly-tweet: Easily tweet a web page or an RSS article
  • feedly-view: View the current page as a feedly article