Can you imagine getting a link to your website highlighted just below the search box on How much traffic do you think that would drive? According to one estimate published today by traffic analysts, the link on Google for the G1 Android phone by T-Mobile delivered an estimated 800,000 unique visitors who clicked that link in the 7 days it was on the site.

Compete estimates that there were about 99 million people who visited during that period, so that's a little less than 1% click through. To be honest, we're a little surprised the number isn't higher than that. That's just the beginning of the surprises, though.

In fact, according to Compete, that link only delivered 40% of the traffic that the G1 landing page saw during that period. We've asked Compete what other sources were big but again, we're pretty surprised by these numbers.

We're a little surprised that less than 1% of visitors were curious enough to click on the first new link on in a long time and we're quite surprised that other parts of the marketing campaign were able to deliver even more traffic!

How did all this traffic convert into sales? Some people have said that there's an estimated 1.5 million G1 phones in circulation, but others, like Information Week, say those numbers aren't believable.

Compete's traffic numbers are probably a little soft as well, but they sure are fun to think about. For the full write up, see the Compete blog.