If you've ever tried to make a guide or tutorial visually appealing, then you know just how hard and tedious it can be. There are plenty of tools floating around the web to make this easier. Just do a search for screencasts or presentations in the ReadWriteWeb search box for our reviews on such tools. For simple guides and tutorials, or for creating overviews of a project, we may have just the solution you're looking for. Whizle is a newly launched service that looks to be a great tool for creating simple and visually appealing work.

Making A Guide with Whizle

Making a guide or tutorial with Whizle is supposed to be a piece of cake. In our tests of the service we found it to be dead simple. In creating a Whizle, we were given steps for creating a title, mission statement, and steps with descriptions. The service provides both a WYSIWYG editor for formatting text and a more interactive application for creating a whizle. We found the interactive app to be more appealing and easier to use. If you don't need all the bells and whistles the WYSIWYG editor will do just fine. Adding and removing steps for our tutorial was simple. We were also able to add Youtube videos and Flickr photos to help visualize our guide. All in all, the service did exactly what it said it would without any fuss.

Who is Whizle For?

We don't recommend using Whizle for any hardcore tutorials such as a design tutorials. Formatting images is not one of Whizle's specialties. We'd really like to recommend the service to bloggers, marketers, and those in PR looking to create simple guides for clients. Unfortunately, there isn't an option to embed any of the whizles you create. Your creations stay on the Whizle site where viewers are allowed to comment and edit your whizle if you allow them to. The service could also use a little more work in the design department. It's dead simple interface was a bit of a turn-off for us. However this is all preferential. Overall, Whizle is functional enough for beginners, but anyone looking for a more advanced tool will have to keep searching.