We all know that when we're driving, we shouldn't be on our cell phones chatting away or, even worse, texting. Yet we do it anyway. The problem has become so bad that some states here in the U.S. passed legislation restricting cell phone use while driving or enforcing hands-free use only. California, for example, recently enacted a law prohibiting handheld use while driving (but strangely, texting is OK). Other states also have similar laws on the books. With numerous voice-dialing features and utilities for all sorts of handset models, going hands-free has been relatively easy. That is, unless you need to get directions.

For iPhone users, a new app called Say Where from Dial Directions can help you get directions and other location-based content just by speaking to your phone.

Say Where

With Say Where, you can say an address, intersection, business name or category, or point-of-interest and the app will show you results from their various content partners. Those partners, which include Google Maps, MapQuest, Ask.com, CitySearch, Yelp, and others, will provide both directions and location-based info like user reviews.

It should be noted that this app isn't entirely hands-free - you still have to touch it at times. Of course, to launch the app you have to touch it, but you also have to touch and hold your finger on the screen when speaking. The video below gives you an idea of how this works:

Even though the app requires some interaction, using it is a lot easier than having to use the iPhone's keyboard to type in information while also trying to keep your eyes on the road. For anyone who relies on their iPhone to get them from Point A to Point B, Say Where looks like a handy app to add to your homescreen.