This week's RWW Live podcast show (Monday 3.30pm PST) is on the topic of online music. We have 2-3 very special guests (so far we have representatives from Yahoo and Imeem, please email me if you're interested in coming on the show, we have 1 final place to confirm). We've been writing a lot about online music lately. Last week Marshall asked: What would the perfect streaming music look like?. We got some great comments to that. But we're also interested in what your current favorite streaming music service is.

We asked this very question in August last year, at which point just pipped Pandora among our readers. In anticipation of RWW Live tomorrow, we're running the same poll now.

Note: there's no way we could mention every single online music streaming service in this poll, but if we happened to miss a major service then do shout it out asap in the comments!