Flickr Releases Handy Embeddable Slide Show

Yahoo’s photosharing service Flickr is one of the more wonderful things on the web and today the company made a small release that a lot of people should enjoy quite a bit. There’s never been a really easy way to embed a nice slide show of your photos off site, until now.

The new Flickr slide show (example below) is available for the photos on any page you’re looking at, meaning you should be able to display your friends’ photos, photos with a particular tag etc. We are happy. Thanks to the fabulous photographer Scott Beale for pointing to the new feature release.

The above are the latest from my personal account. I’ve tested it and privacy settings appear to be respected. A couple of changes that would be nice would be a link in the player to each photo’s page on Flickr and the ability to turn on captions.

I’ve been posting to Flickr far, far more than ever before now that I’ve set up posting from my phone. To do that you go to the settings tab, find the post by email address, make that a contact on your phone and send it there by MMS. I’ve also been uploading a lot of screenshots using the wonderful Mac app Skitch. I’ve also got my Flickr account tied to my account at FriendFeed, which gives me more reason to post photos since I know more friends will see them.

Update: Ruby points out in comments that this service has long done a good job making Flickr’s slide shows available in an iframe. That does look nice!

How about you? Tips on making good use of Flickr in general and the new embedded slideshow in particular would be great to share in comments.

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