The iTunes App Store is a bit of a big deal these days. Several new applications pop up in the iTunes store every day. With hundreds of apps to download from it can be time consuming to sort through them all. Unfortunately, there is no try before you buy option for any of the iTunes apps. So, if you happen to see one that looks interesting, but requires you to shell out your hard earned cash, app reviews really come in handy. While the iTunes App Store features reviews from others, sometimes you just want a second opinion. Today, ReadWriteWeb brings you 4 iPhone/iPod app review sites.

What's On iPhone?

What'soniphone is not only a great iTunes apps review site, but also a great web apps review site. With a team of engineers, writers, medical professionals, culinary artists, home makers, What's on iPhone will help anyone decide on an app. Reviews start off with an overview of the application and follows up with their personal take on the app, a mini review, and the final verdict.


If you not only want reviews of an app, but also want to know how many people are really using it, iUseThis is your site. You can register for iUseThis to keep a log of all the apps you're using. However, the site is best for finding out the most popular of two apps. For example, if you're trying to make a decision between two or three note-taking applications and wanted to know which one may have been downloaded the most, iUseThis is a great place to find out.


AppVee is a recently launched application review site. AppVee aims to do things a little differently by providing users with a personal review of the app and also ratings for the apps. Ratings range from ease of use and features to the app's user interface. I've already spotted quite a few app reviews that I haven't seen elsewhere on AppVee.

Apple iPhone School

Apple iPhone School is a great app review site for both the App Store apps and jailbroken apps via Cydia. There's a great selection of app reviews currently available for both sources. If you're looking for a particular app review check out the site's sidebar for categories and more.

More Than Enough

Now you'll never have to complain about needed more reviews for an app. With over 4 sources including the iTunes App Store itself, you're all set to make a safe decision on whether or not to buy a particular app. Did we miss any sites? Let us know what your favorite iTunes App review sites are!