This week we've discussed how Social Media Marketing and Online Video is being used in the Beijing Olympics. It's now 8.08am on Friday 8th August 2008 in Beijing and some Chinese Web fans have launched a campaign to celebrate and support the opening of the Beijing Olympics, using (you guessed it) Twitter!

8 is a lucky number for the Chinese, and 08/08/08 is definitely a very special day. Twitter users can add the hashtag #080808 to all your tweets about Beijing Olympics on the 08/08/08. Currently if you search for #080808, you can see a new #080808 tweet coming up every 0.5 seconds!

On its official website, the campaign organizers - three Chinese bloggers by the names of Flypig, Webleon and Babechloe - also released a #080808 buddy icon template (download), to encourage Twitter users to make their own #080808 buddy icon. See the images below for inspiration.

#080808 Twitter Buddy Icons collected by YUKI.N

A note that Twitter is not popular in China, but the Beijing Olympics could be a booster for the product there.