There's a new social network that pops up everyday. Most of us can't count on one hand how many social networks that we are currently apart of. Even with all these networks, there's only a handful that we continuously update. Sometimes there's just too many and some get left behind in the tedious process of updating our profile information. Atomkeep aims to help you keep all your profiles in sync with the click of a button.

Adding Your Profiles on Popular Social Networks

Atomkeep is a service that aims to help users keep their profiles in sync across multiple networks. Registration is as simple as typing in your email address and a password. A confirmation email will be sent to your email address for verification. Unlike most sites, Atomkeep does not immediately prompt you to enter in the typical user information such as your name, birthday, etc. Instead, you're immediately taken to the 'Manage Accounts' page to choose from a list of social networks to import or merge existing data from. You can use your profiles from other networks to fill in your Atomkeep profile or manually add in this information yourself.

Supported networks for Atomkeep include:

  • Twitter
  • Plurk
  • Disqus
  • Facebook
  • Technorati
  • Blogger
  • WordPress
  • LinkedIn
  • Flickr
  • Last.FM
  • Ning
  • Pownce
  • Yelp
  • Youtube

Tons more are also supported with support for numerous more social networks on the way.

Synchronizing Your Profiles

You can synchronize all of your profiles or just one by providing your password for each account on the synchronization page. Atomkeep also shows you the synchronization process for each account that you choose to sync. Here's a demo video of how the synchronization process works. Step Four. Sync. from Olexandr Prokhorenko on Vimeo.

Too Many Social Networks

Are we spreading ourselves so thin across the web that we have to create more utilities in order to keep up? When services such as Atomkeep pop-up, one wonders if maybe we're joining too many social networks. On the other hand, there's no denying that Atomkeep is a handy tool if you're forever changing your information and can't stand the process of updating each of your accounts one by one.