Sometimes you just want to blow up your Flickr images. There's nothing better than a fullscreen display of your latest photographed memories. While Flickr's slideshow is great, you won't be able to stretch your images to fullscreen while viewing them. Well now that's about to change with Blow Up a Flickr web app.

Beautiful Images in Fullscreen Mode

Blow Up is aiming to offer "presentation quality for users and portability for developers." Using the Flickr API, Senior Interface Developer Jonathan Greacen has created a new viewing experience for Flickr users that may leave you wondering why it was never an option on Flickr to begin with. Blow Up allows your images to be seen in fullscreen mode while still maintaining your image quality.

The service is free and doesn't require anything put your Flickr username to get started. Other options include being able to download the Blow Up to display your Flickr images on your website. Blow Up all your images including the ones in your albums. However, for images that are set to private, Blow Up will not be able to grab them.

A New Type of Slideshow

Blow Up is a nifty new slideshow in the market of Flickr apps that serves up your images fast and easy. No password required, no downloads necessary. Just get in and get what you came for in fullscreen.