We're watching the media landscape change in real time and one of the most interesting ways that's happening right now is through new online video producers breaking the monopoly of the old TV giants. Who's taking the lead in the new video landscape? Though old media is making a strong play - it's not winning so far. New, independent online video producers are the top publishers today.

A company called TubeMogul is keeping track of the viewership on 15 different websites from YouTube to Crackle. Today they've launched the TubeMogul Top 40, a monthly leaderboard for viewership across a wide variety of video services around the web. Below is a look at who those leaders are.

TubeMogul provides easy video publishing to multiple sites at once, then tracks the views that its users achieve. The company says it's got nearly 30,000 users today, including some of the biggest media brands in the world. Some of those giant brands are even holding their own online.

The list includes 40 different sources of video, but here's a look at the top 15. How many of these have you heard of?

  1. Next New Networks
  2. A venture funded mini-empire of online video shows on a wide variety of topics, from sports to politics to a rip-off of the lolcat phenomenon as a video show. Run by former edge-TV execs. Some good stuff, and hey - they're winning!

  3. Chris Pirillo
  4. A one man empire run by uber-(media)-geek Chris Pirillo. Pirillo notes in a blog post about the TubeMogul 40 that these numbers don't include his successful live tech-help show, either.

  5. Howcast
  6. How-to videos, similar to the many other offerings in this space but with a little more allusion to sex. And more viewers.

  7. For Your Imagination
  8. Professional video producers, making content for brands to ride along with.

  9. Tornante
  10. Michael Eisner's company, the holders of Vuguru.

  11. WatchMojo.com
  12. More professional video producers, making content for brands to ride along with or otherwise make use of. Apparently it's working, given the presence of these kinds of companies.

  13. iJustine
  14. Justine Ezarik, the woman who stole Justin.tv's lunch in terms of publicity. She's now interviewing top tech executives, covering movie launches for General Motors' I Got Shotgun social media campaign and generally having fun.

  15. Nalts
  16. According to his bio: "Kevin Nalts is one of the most-viewed YouTube comedians with more than 650 short online videos seen more than 25 million times. By day he's a Marketing Director at a Fortune 100 company, and he speaks, writes and consults in the area of online marketing and viral video."

  17. MyDamnChannel
  18. Hollywood veterans doing comedy, including the You Suck at Photoshop series. It's working for them.

  19. Ford Models
  20. Ad sponsored eye candy, content about beauty products, nothing new here - just supermodels blathering on the internet.

  21. CBS Interactive
  22. The rolled up web properties of CBS.

  23. HBO
  24. Rocketboom
  25. This daily short form, comedic documentary show just keeps on drawing crowds. It's getting more social media play than PBS (#20).

  26. FUNimation Productions
  27. Anime! Why am I not surprised? I had no idea though.

  28. National Lampoon
  29. Next generation, low-brow humor that's not as funny or smart as The Onion but is from a very established brand.


That's just the top 15 of TubeMogul's Top 40 and it's notable that these numbers don't count viewership through services like Blip.tv and Castfire, both big services. TubeMogul is a very successful service so far though and their claim of 30,000 users is remarkable.

Our take away from this list is that old media is still generally dominant but that video producers born and bred on the media fringe are holding their own very respectfully. And that Chris Pirillo is a maniac.