The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference keynote is underway. For some crazy reason Apple doesn't broadcast the keynote in live video, but there's an army of bloggers reporting live from the event. Here at RWW we'd like to think that we're patient enough to wait until all the news comes out before we pay too much attention. That's not entirely true, though. This blogger is very happy to hear that there will in fact be a 3G iPhone available on July 11th for only $199. Live audio surreptitiously streamed can be heard below the fold. Now that the presentation is over, we've got a recorded video of the iPhone highlights below.

So far it's been relatively uninteresting showcase partner app demonstrations. Some of the medical applications are interesting. Apple is really trying to sell the iPhone as a serious device. Check out the audio below, provided by iPhone Alley.

We're waiting to hear about faster service by 3G, some carrier unfreezing and/or a rumored $200 subsidy by ATT. What are you hoping to hear?

Update: The presentation is over! Below you'll find some recorded video, via TechCrunch. Highlights included 3G service, availability in 71 countries and a shockingly low price point starting at $199. Yay!

Push notification for all app developers is very cool, allowing notifications to be sent to app users even when they aren't using the app.