Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference will be a attracting a lot of buzz tomorrow. Anticipation will be high and even Twitter is preparing for a lot of traffic. For those that can't make it, scrambling from site to site and refreshing Google Reader 20 times a minute isn't the best way to keep up with the news. So here's a list of sites and services where you can find live coverage of the keynote tomorrow.


FriendFeed has 3 room so far that will participating in live coverage of the WWDC keynote tomorrow:


If Twitter manages to stay afloat throughout the Keynote you can use this summize keyword search for WWDC or follow these Twitter users for coverage:


There will be plenty of sites hosting live coverage of the WWDC keynote. Here are a few recommended sites:

Will You Be Covering Live?

So far, this is a nice list of sites and services where you can find a multitude of WWDC keynote coverage. Did we miss anyone? If you know of a site, FriendFeed room, or twitter user that's not on the list, just leave us a note in the comments section.