Today we’re pleased to announce a new biweekly feature on ReadWriteTalk, our podcast show. It's a live discussion with the ReadWriteWeb Network authors that we’re calling RWW Live. On this first episode, host Sean Ammirati is joined by myself (Richard MacManus) and Alex Iskold from ReadWriteWeb, along with Steve O’Hear from Last100 and Charles Knight from AltSearchEngines. We discuss a number of big events over the last week including:

  • The Semantic Technology Conference
  • The widely anticipated (yet not confirmed) 3G iPhone and SDK
  • Microsoft’s Plan to Provide Cash Rebates on Searches
  • Finally, we end with Yahoo! / Microsoft predictions

We hope you enjoy this inaugural episode of RWW Live!

Download MP3

Note: We’re working with TalkShoe to produce RWW Live, so in the future you’ll be able to join and participate. We're also planning to have guests. One more thing, we'll be adding a show logo soon too! If you have any other suggestions, please comment on this post.

As a reminder, if you enjoy RWW Live and the other ReadWriteTalk interviews, you can subscribe in your favorite RSS reader or iTunes.