Omnidrive, the Australian-based online storage solution that we named "tops in its class" last summer and was once called the "clear leader" in the space by TechCrunch, appears to have quietly joined the deadpool. Last week, the site's domain name expired and the site is now displaying a Network Solutions parking page with the notice " expired on 04/24/2008 and is pending renewal or deletion." This is not the first brush with the deadpool that the company has had, but it certainly appears to be the last.

We reported in December that Omnidrive appeared to be headed for the deadpool following months of uptime and support issues. After our post, CEO Nik Cubrilovic emailed us to assure us that the company was profitable and was planning to raise another round of funding this year. "While some might view not responding to forum posts and/or posting on our blog as a sign of being dead, it is just because we are so overloaded at the moment and have a lot to work on," he told us.

The site then went down in January, which Cubrilovic said was due to a failed hard drive. "We had a new server up within hours and we restored backups of the site, and it is up-and-running again," he wrote in comments on a post at WebWorkerDaily. "I am really sorry for the inconvenience to our users of not being able to access the main site, although the actual Omnidrive servers were not affected at all and you would not have had any problems accessing your accounts."

We've been getting emails all winter from irate customers asking us to find out what's up at Omnidrive. Without a domain name, it would appear that the troubled company is finally ready to join the deadpool.

Note: we promise we didn't plan for this to be the day of dead companies.

UPDATE: Please see this post for a continuation of the Omnidrive saga.