German social bookmarking startup Mister Wong yesterday afternoon announced the acquisition of, a lifestreaming start up that's something like Friend Feed without the interactivity and using Twitter's design. While "lifestreaming" still barely registers on Google searches according to Google Trends, it is one of the most talked about new phenomena in the blogosphere (see this BlogPulse trend graph). Though isn't one of the top players (Friend Feed gets all the press), it is a very capable basic lifestream aggregator.

Though generally social bookmarking sites such as Mister Wong are just a supported service on a lifestreaming platform (and Mister Wong is one of the 40+ services supported on, the two actually go hand in hand. Lifestreaming is really just an extension of the bookmarking concept.

If bookmarking is about saving and sharing useful information for future lookup, lifestreaming is about saving and sharing all information. Lifestreaming is something like automatic bookmarking of everything you do. "Lifestreaming is the perfect supplement to social bookmarking, therefore the acquisition has strategic implications for Mister Wong," said Mister Wong founder Kai Tietjen in a press release.

The first step in integration between the two sites will be a localized German version of The full addition of lifestreaming to the Mister Wong bookmarking services is planned, however.