Blog-centric social network MyBlogLog, which just a few weeks ago added lifestreaming to their app, is today launching a new feature that aggregates lifestreams across the network by topic. The streams are presented in reverse chronological order. It feels a little like Technorati's ill-conceived Topics feature, but for all user activity rather than strictly blog posts.

The MyBlogLog Topics pulls content from the entire New With Me (the name for their lifestreaming service) universe and repackage posts around specific tags. The new stream is presented in reverse chronological order and uses Yahoo!'s search suggestion tool to suggest related topics. The Topics pages also pulls in communities from the MyBlogLog network tagged with the same topic to suggest blogs you might enjoy.

In the future, the company plans to let people subscribe to topics the same way you can subscribe to communities. The aggregated information stream from subscribed topics will be presented in a new profile tab, "New in My World." You can check out some topics here: web 2.0, politics, lifestream. Some screenshots are below.